miercuri, 22 februarie 2017

State of pain

There is a state in this whole wide world
That everyone visits some times in their life
And fortunately leave it at some point
Sooner or later.
The rent is free
And the company is none
People live out here naked
No clothes, no food, no comfort
We live on a wooden floor
With no water to wash ourselves
After our daily struggles
Of releasing the memories within
With scratched marks on our skin
And no medicine to treat our disease
That comes from the heart
And it can't be put to ease.

There is not a map to trace every street
Every corner of this place we're in
We just know no matter how much we wander
It all goes round and round
And right in the middle
It's ourselves. We are simply isolated
Like in a prison
Where the peace comes only at night
Where the lucky ones can sleep
And forget
Or at dawn, it doesn't matter when
Because you're always on your own
And there is no one to disturb you
When you finally let go
Nor someone to hold you
When you wake up again.

This is the state of pain
And you exiled me here
Out of your world again.

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