sâmbătă, 20 mai 2017

A little death

My heart died twice
In empty beds
Still with your shape
In the sheets and in my body.
My heart died twice
Hearing your voice in the distance
As you were leaving
First with anger and second with a lie
I suppose I should've learned my lesson
After you pushed me away so easily
That first day
When I couldn't open up to you
I should've known this is a pattern
And I shall see it the day you leave
That final day
When, after I've opened to you completely
You were already whispering to another in the morning
Waiting to cut in another body.
You poor cruel wolf!
You cold creature.

My heart died twice
In empty sheets
In empty rooms
By your hand.
You first killed my body
And then my love.
You see, what he did to me
Was nothing compared to you
But he layed open
Another piece of me still streaming with love
A piece you never reached
A piece he did when he hold me in his arms that night
And mercilessly killed
Just like you
One of a kind people
He killed my skinny, bare heart too
In such a short time
At least you had the heart
To let me live for a while.
My heart died twice
In empty rooms
Followed by your voice
Naked in your absence
He, one day, found my bare skin
And thought
It would be nice
To taste from it for a week or so
And then leave it there
Open, bleeding
Still hurting
After your leaving.

My heart died twice
What he did to me was nothing.
I'm still dying alone
After your leaving
I cry and gather pieces
That are still loving for you
But never forgiving.

miercuri, 17 mai 2017

The wet blanket is now dry. Here's why

I cut you off
I don't want you to speak
You had your time
And this time around it is me
Who will do the talk.
You were always complaining anyhow
About my quiet ways
My crying days
I suppose I knew it would come to this
Everytime you would say not to worry
Or when you apologized:
Meaningless words I never believed
A lot more dishonest compared to my silence
The silence you always despised
And thought to be weak
Has now cut you off
Still snakes wait and wait
But when they bite
They swallow you up completely.
Isn't that what you wanted me to do?
Here you go, sweety.

Isn't it amazing
How I blew you away?
You could never come back now
You are empty of it anyway
And even if you wanted to
I'm not wet for you anymore.

The long goodbye

I thought that putting you in a cage
Would make you stop kicking me
Or kicking around
Making me aware of your struggle
I didn't want to see.
I thought I would stop hating you
Stop hating myself
If I put you somewhere away
In the dark where I wouldn't hear you
Where you couldn't scream or move
Because you knew no one could hear you
Or release you
But me.

I promised I would do that tonight
But now I think I will do it tomorrow
Or the day after that
When I will stop remembering you
Every two seconds
And not care anymore.
The day I will release you
I want you to be fine
I want you to stop looking me in the eye
I want you to turn your back at me
Don't love me anymore
Stay in the corner and mind your business
And forget we were ever friends
Now we are just roommates
Me and my pain
That will never touch each other again
Because if they do
One of them will have to die
And I won't think twice and wonder why
Because the answers were long given
Before our final goodbye.

duminică, 14 mai 2017

A wild sheep chase

They rush upon you like wolves
The moment they see you alone
With their charming endeavor
And their sharp claws hidden
Ready to use
The instant you become weak
And you show your soft, fluffy skin
That skin you used to stir just a few days ago
"How much I like your soft body
You are soft from head to toes"
But my fingers will never again end up
Between your sharp teeth
I am not made for fleeting, passing days
And for romances that only last a week.

But I've learnt my lesson now
Murakami would be proud
Of his little sheep
She finally understands
She's more than a prize to win 
And she's not made for a wolf
For he never changes his skin.

Tony Montana and the poor unfortunate eyes

They don't say for nothing not to look in a human's eyes
When they kiss you.
"The eyes, chico, they never lie!"
Well, Tony couldn't have been more wrong.
Your eyes lied
And so beautifully they did
You stared and stared for hours
Until you stole my heart
It squeezed through my lips
And left me with a breath
When, for a fleeting instant
I dared look at your eyes
Your poor, unfortunate eyes
That, when you kiss me
My heart fells down and dies.

Buttoned blue shirt

There was something about the morning light
That was dressing us that day
There was something about your soft hair
That was sleeping in between my fingers
There was something about your hoarse voice
That was tickling my ears
That hoarse, lovely voice.
It was so silly of me to fall for an embrace
And for sweet, easy promises
Made in the beauty of an instant
It is the dawn to blame
And some magic it brings to heartless beings
Like you.
I should've known better, I say to myself
But no one has ever hold me like that
With hands closed tightly in weak parts of my self
You said you would always hold me like that
Never let my body fall apart
And when you buttoned my shirt that day
The shirt you gave to so many girls
I should've known better,
I say to myself
But instead, I fell for a silly embrace
And some easy promises
Made in the light of dawn.

(You never believed in them.
 So why should I?)

luni, 8 mai 2017

Dealer de somn

The past few days the moon has gotten very deep into my stomach
And the stars spread onto my skin
Like a rash
That night after you kissed them
Like nobody has ever done before.
I think you finally cured me
Of my dying sun
But beware, for even new born stars have their time of death
I just hope this time I'm not gonna implode so badly
And the peaceful night
Is finally upon me.