duminică, 28 august 2016

Heart-shaped box

If only I could make a sound.
If only I could grab your hand.
My heart is beating for yours, love
Don't fade away in that little cage
I know you think you've turned to stone
And think that people no longer die of age these days
But of broken heart.
I know you think you don't have one anymore
And don't feel the tears that come streaming down your face
Because the only water that touches stone
Is the one that comes from the sky
And not from your skin.
I know you think you stopped counting the days
Because stone buildings don't need to keep track of time
Only of the birds that have shit on them ever since
'Cuz they are in open air
But they don't feel anything.
They don't move a thing
At some point a human came close to your heart-shaped box
That was made of marble
And got upper on it, almost reaching its top.
He thought
He was reaching your lips
But you forgot
You had any
To touch his -
Any feelings
Any lips.
How could you?
You haven't spoken a word in months
You made yourself believe you'd never trust anyone
ever again.

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