marți, 4 iulie 2017

Put a name to my imaginary past

You used to roll me up in the air
And put names to our imaginary babies
After you and after me
And say how you would like them to look like me
Because you loved me so much
You did, didn t you?
Or it was all a lie
And that s what you were saying to all of those girls
You were taking out in the meantime
And spent all your money with
And all your time
And all your love
And all your dreams.
Were you telling them too about our imaginary babies
Or you were making up new ones with them?
Were you telling them of our walks in the parks?
While we stood for hours at the roots of trees
All curled up
As if we were growing ourselves
In the ground
Were you calling them
In the ways you used to call me
In our special voice
Were you calling them
Like you used to call me
Your "chicken"
And laugh about
How it sounded?
Were they writing love poems to you on tea tables
In your first month together
Were you telling them you love them
Like you did with me
Straight away?
Did they believe you?

Were you telling them about our short holidays?
When we were living all by ourselves
Shopping together
Cooking together
And sleeping together
And washing together
More than twins living aside.
Were you telling them the clothes you were wearing
Were all from me 
And you were making love with them
Covered still in all of my love?
Were you telling them all of the moves
You learned them from me?
Were you telling them
How I made you a man?
Were you telling them your bones
And your holes
Were only made for one shape
Like you used to tell me?
Were you telling them you had a girl waiting at home?
For you
With your imaginary babies
And your imaginary love
And your imaginary relationship
Because she was just crazy
And you denied her all along
And all of your memories
As if your whole life together
Was imaginary too.

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