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Yoshitaka Amano, 1001 Nights (1998)
I've been fed too much for too long , you've taught me spoiled
Now I have bad manners
Whenever I'm with a guy I tell him to let me hold his hand
When we go to sleep
I tell him to let me hold his hand. I don't ask him.
You've spoiled me too much. Now it's winter and I am hungry
There is no more meat on the streets
And I am used to golden tissue
On the scalp of a man
I believe in curly hair and tall spines
Large hands and white skin are my religion
And your smile, ah, your smile
I pray to it everynight
But you are like Jesus
Never coming back again.
I can't turn this poor water into wine
And I can't thrill in the flesh of other people
It's your bones I look for in the dark
It is your smell I want to wear on my sheet
When I wake up, I want to be in heaven
A proper heaven, just like you've taught me
We can't just have traditional food
And watch TV shows on New Year's Eve like everybody else
We won't settle for the food our parents left us
We'll go out in the snow and buy KFC and pizza from Jerry's
Full of cheese like I want it
And watch Adam's family on the sofa with lots of ketchup on our hands
While the cat eats in her green plate below your foot, and this is how a family looks like
At least this is how you've taught me
I want your hand when I go to sleep
Your hand full of ketchup 
And I'm not asking.

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