marți, 2 ianuarie 2018


Jenny Hval photo
I am going to live peacefully now.
My friend once told me
All those that don't look for you
Must be left behind, in time,
Put flowers to their graves once
And never visited again.
So I stopped being always
The first to ask her "how are you?"
Weeks have passed,
but she never came,
I've kept waiting and wondering why
So I left her a message
And never looked behind.
Nothing is irreplaceable,
My dear one once said
Nothing is needed,
But everything is desired.
I left that one chasing rabbits
And, when new year came,
he forgot to look home for me
so I locked the door past midnight
and left him out.
I will stick to my hunger for now
A fasting
For I am still mourning
The fresh death
Of all that was me, not needed,
So I left behind.

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