marți, 2 ianuarie 2018


Sérigraphie, 3 couleurs.
Happiness is a thing that grows. 
There was a time when you used to grow things
You liked to take your time
to get to know
a body like you do with lands
learning and drawing all its maps
but you no longer like time, you fear it.
You must have everything now, and it must be cheap
colorful and bright
satisfying, and quick.
Nothing leaves a good aftertaste anymore
and nothing lasts.
Pleasure only asks for more pleasure
you get wasted no matter the time of day
nor the packaging in which it comes, as long as it's right there
reachable, in a market shelf next to your hand
without needing to talk to it, argue or understand;
you take women like you take your meat,
both pleasing you below the belly;
you take your coke and you take your weed
you take your cigarettes and then remember you have to feed
the taste of junk food asks for soda and Popsicle water
to wash the burn
after all this nonsense, but you never learn.
What is left in the morning?
besides a pain in the stomach, and no heart towards to torn.
I had wished to take you as my friend
I had wished you a world of love
a family, things that grow.
A lifetime of happiness
but you hate time
so you choose life, little cricket.
While the ant stands the test of time
and builds happiness
for herself and her kind.

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