luni, 10 octombrie 2016

The tooth

The pain you feel after pleasure
Is the worst kind of pain there is.
It’s not like you left traces of yourself in my body
And it’s not like you shed your skin or anything -
There is no closure, no love, no warmth in that
Your hand never touched mine
And your bare soul never kissed my bare soul back.
It’s just some stranger’s body opening yours for a moment
Weaken your thoughts just to unleash the horror within
The shield you forgot to control for a moment was thin
It was saving you from the sharp world outside
And now you got bruises all over again.
They say never to come back to the thing that broke you
What if the thing that broke you left marks
And whenever someone sees them you get that cut again.
I feel like I can’t allow that to happen anymore
Like I have to protect myself,
And it has to be sustained,
It has to never be seen
That shame of breaking loose in some stranger’s face
The tears, the heart, that open body,
They can’t leave a trace.
I have to keep them safe
And do not let the sharp tooth in my skin
Bite me down to the heart 
Never again.

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