luni, 21 noiembrie 2016

Gummy beared body

As it stood there
The body didn't look like a body anymore -
A surface
A curve
A broken circle
A lost horseshoe
Or a yellow jelly
Like those children find
In yellow gummy bears.
You chew me
Only for you
And my body feels sweet
For the fact it only looks that way
Like a ripped gummy bear
In the first light of day.

When the body hides its head
And stays naked like this
You almost forget it has an age.
It looks like the body of a baby
Stretched out
Like an elastic jelly
A colorless jelly, a tasteless jelly
The body feels soft
For the fact it only looks that way
You could almost feel the short hairs
Golden ones
Like in chicken fluffs:
What we have here is a bigger baby
With sadder thoughts.

Fetal - Credits

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