marți, 29 noiembrie 2016

Late night ghosts

I think about you all the time
When I'm alone or I'm with others
That I sometimes forget how I'm alone
And you're away and almost
Always with others
And think of me rarely
But not as much
As to keep you late at night, you say.

Only if you knew how many times
It kept me
And woke me late in the morning to remember
The walk we had together for an hour
Was unreal, but a dream
That the image of you is so fragile
It simply crumbles
At the rays of dawn
And I have to look at pictures
Quickly, so I don't lose my ghost
But mostly,
It is so I don't lose my mind.

Only now I almost had you
I saw your picture in my head
And in my face
And relaxed all of a sudden, as in a dream
There was someone there, but I only saw
You and me, together, in dim lights
With two cups of something in front of us
Empty, with the liquid
Already on our lips
And them, not moving
To speak a word, but smile
Finally silent
Finally reaching
To touch
Our hands across the table
As I raised my arm to hold you
Finally happy.

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