vineri, 18 noiembrie 2016

When the baby was a little man

I remember how the baby
Was afraid of water.
Now the baby falls so deep into the water
Every time he sees you
It falls from his eyes
Waters his lungs
Makes him choke.

When the baby was a baby
It knew no tears
Except for those
That required attention to the body
His little human heart
Hasn't yet been broken apart.

When the baby was a little man
He learned how to draw grooves
Inside his fists, his shoulders
In the hollow of chest
For his waters to rest.
So that every time he was about to fall
He would tighten his body
Wouldn't let it show
And his heart wouldn't be drowned
As so many times before.

But from time to time
Even the grown up baby
Is afraid of water
And his body crumbles
Every times he sees you
And his little human heart
Gets soaking wet
Because you make him forget
He has a body at all.

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