sâmbătă, 20 mai 2017

A little death

My heart died twice
In empty beds
Still with your shape
In the sheets and in my body.
My heart died twice
Hearing your voice in the distance
As you were leaving
First with anger and second with a lie
I suppose I should've learned my lesson
After you pushed me away so easily
That first day
When I couldn't open up to you
I should've known this is a pattern
And I shall see it the day you leave
That final day
When, after I've opened to you completely
You were already whispering to another in the morning
Waiting to cut in another body.
You poor cruel wolf!
You cold creature.

My heart died twice
In empty sheets
In empty rooms
By your hand.
You first killed my body
And then my love.
You see, what he did to me
Was nothing compared to you
But he layed open
Another piece of me still streaming with love
A piece you never reached
A piece he did when he hold me in his arms that night
And mercilessly killed
Just like you
One of a kind people
He killed my skinny, bare heart too
In such a short time
At least you had the heart
To let me live for a while.
My heart died twice
In empty rooms
Followed by your voice
Naked in your absence
He, one day, found my bare skin
And thought
It would be nice
To taste from it for a week or so
And then leave it there
Open, bleeding
Still hurting
After your leaving.

My heart died twice
What he did to me was nothing.
I'm still dying alone
After your leaving
I cry and gather pieces
That are still loving for you
But never forgiving.

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