miercuri, 17 mai 2017

The wet blanket is now dry. Here's why

I cut you off
I don't want you to speak
You had your time
And this time around it is me
Who will do the talk.
You were always complaining anyhow
About my quiet ways
My crying days
I suppose I knew it would come to this
Everytime you would say not to worry
Or when you apologized:
Meaningless words I never believed
A lot more dishonest compared to my silence
The silence you always despised
And thought to be weak
Has now cut you off
Still snakes wait and wait
But when they bite
They swallow you up completely.
Isn't that what you wanted me to do?
Here you go, sweety.

Isn't it amazing
How I blew you away?
You could never come back now
You are empty of it anyway
And even if you wanted to
I'm not wet for you anymore.

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