miercuri, 17 mai 2017

The long goodbye

I thought that putting you in a cage
Would make you stop kicking me
Or kicking around
Making me aware of your struggle
I didn't want to see.
I thought I would stop hating you
Stop hating myself
If I put you somewhere away
In the dark where I wouldn't hear you
Where you couldn't scream or move
Because you knew no one could hear you
Or release you
But me.

I promised I would do that tonight
But now I think I will do it tomorrow
Or the day after that
When I will stop remembering you
Every two seconds
And not care anymore.
The day I will release you
I want you to be fine
I want you to stop looking me in the eye
I want you to turn your back at me
Don't love me anymore
Stay in the corner and mind your business
And forget we were ever friends
Now we are just roommates
Me and my pain
That will never touch each other again
Because if they do
One of them will have to die
And I won't think twice and wonder why
Because the answers were long given
Before our final goodbye.

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