sâmbătă, 17 decembrie 2016

False memories

It seemed only natural that I should see my ghost
Sitting calmly one day in the same room as me
Perfectly reachable to the touch of others
When I thought about it so much inside my head.
The only question for me was
When will that day come?

I have all sorts of ghosts
That live in there
Ghosts of the past
Ghosts I haven't met
Ghosts of myself
Of the people that I am
All at the same time.
I become a different one
Each time I make contact
I am someone else for everybody
But what more than a walking ghost?
A living dead
I am all the people that I've met
I am all the people I've been with
Now that they've all left
What remained is nothing but a ghost
Without a body to love.

What if one day my ghost came back home?
Is the memory of a dream false if it never happened
Or if it's just in my head?
I have so many memories of you,
Even though we've never met
You've lived in my head for so long
That now, when I look around
The space around me has traces
Of where our minds touched in winter nights
The only time where we can be together:
The light is not erasing you
Nor your feet on the floor
Cuz you don't have any
The warmth doesn't melt your body
Your soft, cotton skin
For I can never grab it
And the fact that you are just a ghost
Is not really a big thing
Because i can feel it -

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