joi, 29 decembrie 2016


I lie on your shoulder
Freezing cold, with two glasses of wine
And not so warm gloves
Your mom is talking with you on the phone
And shouts for a minute
I pull myself closer to you and whisper
'I'm glad you're not like that'
My only normal friend
My only friend.
I reach home with glass
Instead of fingers and toes
I remember how I saw a man
With reindeer horns
As I was walking down the road
It's funny how it doesn't hurt
When you no longer feel nothing at all
I have this frozen body
And warm water that feels too cold
I take a shower that is more like a bath
By the looks of my tub.
You always come in after a while
To ask if anything is wrong
And get closer to check
In case I tell you a lie
One of these days, since you are not here at all
I might never stop that water from running
And turn forever cold.

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