luni, 5 iunie 2017


Lies spoken with words
Cannot disguise facts written in blood.
(Not even by your lovely voice
That voice that has betrayed me
Just like everything else. )

Your flesh has betrayed me
Your blood has betrayed me.
The blood you said imprinted on me
The first time we made love
Is the same blood we shared
For so many years
Yet you chose to take that blood
And give from it
To somebody else.
You marked my skin with her touch
And her breath, and her scent
Her blood
Lives inside of me now.

I couldn't hate you more for what you did
If you hadn't come back afterwards
And shared your love with me
Yours and hers
Living in my skin
Like a memory I never had
Your memory
Your dream of love
My nightmare.

Your betrayal is somehow my betrayal
We have both touched the same person
With or without your willing
It was both of us
Making love to her that night
My body felt it too
For it was my blood you shared
Without me asking.

Lies spoken
Written in sounds
Written in blood
Made a cruel joke out of our love
That sticks inside of me like a disease,
A blood disease
Marked with your touch.
No matter how many clothes I wear
I cannot hide my body anymore.
And no matter how much time will pass
After I've forgotten you and her
My blood will suffer
And die from that disease

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