joi, 16 noiembrie 2017

Who, except you?

Why does it always look so easy for others to have friends, to belong
How come you were the only person in the world that made it feel easy
For me too.

And now it's difficult again, I've been forgetting things
Smiles, laughter, two words
I've been forgetting how it feels like
To be safe, to be at home.

Home is in your arms, but you locked me out.
The people near your door said nobody lived there at all
It was all a fantasy, I dug a hole into a wall and pretended
I was Alice, or a little mouse, living in a house with you,
Away from all the grown-ups.

Now that I've grown too big to believe, I have to go back
My shrinking bottles are gone,
And the whole world is in danger if I don't get out
Because I'm about to outgrow my walls, and my lonely house
Is gonna fall.

But I am afraid of the other world for which I am too small
And I've been away for so long
While I stood inside with you and didn't get visits from nobody;
Who could have knocked at a little hole in the wall 
And even see me at all?
Except for you.

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