joi, 7 septembrie 2017

Curly brown hair

I would have put a picture of you here if I hadn't erased them all

On the last time we saw you, you looked so much younger
Your curly brown hair was now burning brighter
You moved through the crowds almost as if you owned them
And then passed the street to greet with your lover.
I hear that you're building your little life
Up in the center
You're living happily now,
Your job is well
Your family and new friends are treating you better.
Well, I see you there with a smile on your cheek
As you walk to catch the train in the morning
And on the road you fell asleep
Well, I see she's excited as well
She takes a pic as you sit
There, with the head on the table, with your curls
And unshaved beard, all looking weak.
After you've been in the club 'til the sunrise
Now you're running at the seaside
You're up to party every night in every place you meet
But you're in the arms of your lover
And she's holding you deep.

Yes, and Di came by with no memories to share
Not of you anyway
And when I first looked at her, I was happy
For I had nothing left to break.
She was happy and radiant
And laughed all through the night
I was thinking, this is the girl,
The girl you left me for that winter night.
Well, I still thanked for the trouble she took from my life
I thought it was there for good
Full of heartache and lies.
Yes, and Di came by with a whole heart to share
But this time it was mine:
"You're a wonderful woman
Much more wonderful than I".

And what can I tell you, my brother, my lover,
What can I possibly say?
I guess that I miss you, I guess I forgive you.
I'm glad she stood in our way:
It was all a lie to you.
But I was happy
And for that I thank you.

your "ciusă"

(after the pace of a song from Leonard Cohen)

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