sâmbătă, 2 septembrie 2017


Drawing: Henn Kim
Where do you live?
Inside their hearts, she answered.
And when they are gone?
They are always gone, she answered.
And where do they leave you? On the streets?
They don't leave me anywhere
They go and I find a place elsewhere.
I am a wolf, remember?
I know how to manage.
They taught me that
For sure
Look at how I'm savage
You think my soul is sore
For every beast that left me on the road?
I know they're dead somewhere
Bitter and alone
For blood tastes good only for a while
Later the beast is left hungry
And the lonely wolf dies.
That's why I always find myself a home
The pack survives
And even if they rip my heart out
In the coldest of nights
When the spring comes
I'll rise.

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