joi, 7 septembrie 2017

Dancer in the dark

caderno da desorganização - 2016
How does one know how to dance still?
When she steps on a dark floor
A dark empty floor
With no one to watch
And no music but the one in her head
To grab hold
Yet her hand always reaches further
Always hoping her steps will find safe ground
And a hand to grab in the dark
Yet they never do
And her fingers are never found
How does no one gets to see her
As she leans towards the dance floor?
She makes a bow towards the earth
Her heart always open
Always willing to offer more
And more
As the music in her head
Gets to be only the sound of a slamming door.
How is it that her steps learn
Even the rhythm of a single note
If that is the only memory she has left of him?
How is it that she moves still
Towards that closed door
And dances again the steps you left on the floor
Hoping this way she can still grab a hold
Of a partner in dance
In the dance of love?
How is it that he dances still
Without her?

There was once the story of a boy and girl
Like they say in the fairytales, in a time far far away
That is said to last forever
In the heart of a little girl
That never ages, never grows cold
And dances happily ever after
With nothing but her dream to hold.

Will you remember this
As you grow old?
Our fairytale, like the one our parents told,
There, in the empty room, when you’ll be alone
And a tune from far away comes in your mind
Wouldn’t you wish you could get up and dance
To that sweet dear song?
But you’ll have no one left
No loving little girl
Just your own body to hold
Alone and miserable
As you realize how much
You were once loved.
But it will be too late
And yourself too old
And she may be dead
But you can’t forget
How you did her wrong
Nor the taste her lips had in that cold wind
On a winter night
In January two thousand and fourteen.

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