sâmbătă, 23 septembrie 2017

People I knew

The day the man I knew left
Was the day the girl that he knew left.
They both left me
And now I am alone with someone I don't know
But I've grown to know for some while now
Just like I knew them too.
Those two children
Too in love to ever grow old
Two children that stopped the world
And got out alone into the light.
Now the girl you knew is no more
In a few moments
She grew ten years older
And the child
Her laugh, her faith
And her light too
Gone forever as well
Swallowed in another train
That you sent her to take alone
That night that you cheated on her.
You could never turn back time even if you wanted to
I never took that train with her
I just stood there and watched her leave
And knew I was going to miss her terribly
Just like you will too
But it will be too late
You're starting to grow old
Just like she is
And the two children that I once knew
Will never recognize each other again.

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