luni, 2 octombrie 2017

Out the rabbit hole

When you realize it has all been a lie
You have to get the flowers out with roots and everything
Like tubes planted into your face, coming out of your nose
Bleeding at the hands of those who have chained you to a bed
Took away the truth and gave you a fairy tale instead.
I don't want to be set to sleep while there is still daylight
I don't need to be shown a picture of the world outside
I can see it for myself
And I can tell
You're nothing but a clown
You're nothing but clowns, I've been collecting toys
Nightmarish little toys
Hid them under my bed and let them visit me at night
Let them rape me and didn't put up a fight
And I've forgotten the ways in which a little lie
A kiss you draw onto my mouth in a January night
Can turn into a knife.
And I have wielded it myself
I let that lie come to life
And cut myself into my sleep
Countless times, passionately
The words the blade were whispering to the wound
I took them for "I love you".
But now there is no more flesh to cut
That lullaby has to stop.
Do I look like a child? Don't set me to sleep.
Do I look like a mouse? Go on and set me free.
Do I look like a story? Then don't put an ending to me.

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