duminică, 11 iunie 2017


Each time I look in the mirror
I say to myself:
"This is your pretty face
This is the face of the body of a girl
That belongs to you"
And it will always be that way
That laugh
The way the eyes get smaller
And the nose squeezes
In a funny face
It is all for you
And from you
From the way you used to look at me
My mirror
My very own human being
In which I reflected myself.
And the ways I touch and look at other people
Is just my way of coming back to you
It will always come back to you
Everyone else is just a stranger
Looking through a window at us.

And I know you feel it too,
A dead man,
It's you that should be pitied the most.
Two faces of a mirror can live without each other
But they will always be sick
Repeating a poem that will never be complete
With verses of other women
That'll never fit.

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