sâmbătă, 10 septembrie 2016

From my rotten pain, more pain shall grow

My days have become insufferable
It all gathers in the spine
And it can’t go up its course to the top anymore
It’s like pain has a river
My heart is a rock
In the middle of my body
With a suicidal thought.

My heart is a dying rock
In the middle of my living body
If my heart wants to die
How could my body grow?

I live like a corpse on days on end
I get whispers from the other side night after night
And wake up soaked wet from my nightmarish sleep
It’s when my body goes to rest
And my poor heart takes control
I have death inside of me
Feeding inside like a moth
With old clothes of my soul.

It’s so cold now that I have nothing anymore
To cover the feverish body in the middle
The body of my heart
That has begun to peel of
And nothing to melt the bones
That have begun to harden
Building more of an icey cage outside my corpse
I wonder when will the rotten bugs
Will come to nibble from the rotten body
They said flowers would grow
And I shall watch me bloom
With rosey cheeks that catch a gloom 
From time to time
And come again in the world
As if nothing would have happened
But all this pain remains inside
Like all the pain before me
With no end
Dying just to be born again.

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